Vision & Mission

American Healthcare Technologies has a clear vision of providing end-to-end healthcare solutions to all your healthcare needs, using the most cutting edge resources you can find in today’s market.

Vision : Be the best organization in healthcare revenue cycle services. Provide end-to-end healthcare service to clients.

AHT are pioneers in the healthcare industry and our mission is to provide the best in healthcare and give our physicians the latest tools to succeed and grow in an ever-changing competitive market, creating a relationship of excellence.

Mission :

  • To create exceptional customer value through quality medical coding services.
  • To create exceptional customer value through quality allied healthcare services.

With a highly determined management team that has envisioned and implemented a stable, robust, and reliable system, AHT has made its presence in the healthcare domain. The AHT team encompasses technology experts, professional doctors, and state-of-the-art facilities like none other, making us one of the pioneers in healthcare solutions.