Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Electronic Health Record (EHR) software store and maintain patient medical records for quick & easy retrieval. The software provides doctors with all supporting documents pertaining to a patient’s history of illness and also ensures that the right medical data is made available to the CMS.

GraysEHR is an electronic healthcare records maintaining software that stores patient health record and patient health information online. The information is accessible 24/7 to patients, doctors, and medical staff.


Electronic Healthcare Records – EHR

Advantages of GraysEHR

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Biometric card
  • 3D interactive tool
  • Tablet PC integration
  • Patient education
  • Quality measures

Avg. Time for Data Entry by a Doctor
Most EMR products require an average of 7 minutes to enter information, but with GraysEHR the entry time is reduced to an average of 2 minutes, which means the doctor sees more patients.

Artificial Intelligence
With the support of the Artificial Intelligence feature, doctors are prompted with the right questions ensuring that all possible scenarios are considered before arriving at a conclusion.

Biometric Card
The MedAccess biometric card stores all health information about the patient offline. It is an easy and secure way of carrying patient health information.

3D Interactive Tools
Interactive tools created in 3D assure better viewability and understanding of the medical issue. It also ensures that patients can view their medical condition and understand it using a 3D virtual environment.

Accessible with Tablet PCs/Handheld Devices/PDAs
Patient information can be accessed by all entities based on the permissions assigned for each entity using Tablet PCs/Handheld Devices/PDAs. This feature can be installed as an application or by logging into the website.

Patient Education
With 3D animation the patients can comprehend their conditions in a simple yet understandable form – ensuring better awareness, which would finally lead to better preventive care.

Quality Measures
The doctor can keep track of the time period when the next visit, next test or next procedure must be done with automatic intimations to alert the doctor and patient.