Medical Animations

Medical Animation in 3D provides a better view of the human anatomy. With a better view, we get a better understanding of how drugs can cure disease and impact the cells of the human body. It provides a new perspective into vital information to assist doctors in making the right diagnoses the very first time. It is also used as a virtual tool to educate the patient on his or her condition and the proper steps in improving their condition.

We have blended the very best experts in animation production and medicine to produce the highest quality, visually appealing medical animation to date.

Mentioned below is the list of 3D animation work that AHT can take on, but is not limited to:

  • Mechanism of Action (MoA) – Animation of Drugs for Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Method of Use (MoU) – Animation that caters to the needs of Medical Equipment Manufacturers
  • Medical Animation for Education – create customized solutions for Medical Institutes and Healthcare Establishments in co-ordination with doctors. This method ensures that other doctors are benefitted by the industry experts who have experienced rare conditions. Moreover these animations can be used as an education tool for students and patients to provide a virtual description about medical conditions.